Thursday, February 2, 2017

Recent buys (December 22 2016 - Feb 2 2017)

List of stocks sold and bought in the past 4-5 weeks. 

I still have the following stocks in my watchlist. What are you buying or on your watchlist?



Waddell & Reed Financial (WDR)

10 shares at $20.18 = $201.18

Sold out of a very small position. Asset Management company stocks are bleeding. Still holding on to TROW.

Total Sold = $201.18


VF Corp (VFC)  
16 shares of VFC at an average price of $52.34 = $837.58
20 shares of VFC at an average price of $49.68 + $3.95 comm. = $997.63

Retail & Apparel Clothing stocks are getting hammered and add a mild winter to that (at-least in the Northeast). But VFC has some awesome & iconic brands and is a dividend aristocrat. So I'm buying up more. It's almost a full position now and may not add more.

L Brands
12 shares of LB at an average price of $60.31 = $723.82

Initiated a position in LB. Their 2 top brands are Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works. Most of their stores are in malls and mall traffic is declining, it is medium risk. MrFree@33 recommendation :)

Verizon (VZ)

2 shares of VZ at $48.12 = $96.24
20 share os VZ at $47.95 + $3.95 comm. = $962.95

Got into VZ a month back and it ran up all the way to $54 and came back to $48 again. Thrilled to add more of VZ. People are cutting cords but they still need Internet. Competition is crazy in the mobile business, but their quality is still unbeatable. This is a long term holding.

Dominion Resources (D)

3 shares of D at $71.32 = $213.96

I don't have many utility stocks, so initiated a small position. Will add more.

4 shares of MDT at an average price of $69.92 = $279.68

Target (TGT)
6 shares of TGT at an average price of $67.44 = $404.67

National Grid (NGG) 

2 share of NGG at an average price of $57.23 = $114.47

Astrazeneca (AZN) 

2 shares of AZN at an average price of $27.06 = $54.11

Total Investments =  $4685.11

Basic data for new purchases at time of publishing for informational purposes (data from finviz):

P/E : 14.90
Forward P/E : 15.73
LT Debt/Equity : -
PEG : 1.49

Payout ratio : 56.90%


P/E : 21.71
Forward P/E : 19.00
LT Debt/Equity :1.92
PEG : 3.65

Payout ratio : 82.90%

StockDividend YieldDividend Increase (In Years)

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed investment professional. I am not liable for any losses suffered by any parties. Any information on this site is my opinion only and should not be used for investments of any kind. For information purposes only. There maybe some typographical or calculation errors.

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